Section 14 ROCKS!!!

Section 14 is the best section in the whole 6th grade at D.H.H. Lengel!

Clearly, we pass out all the other sections by ALOT! They can`t compare to what we do, say, or act. They`re all just jealous because they aren`t as cool as US! We`re bad, but we are awesome and we always will be =:) <-- TAYS SYMBOL~!


Julz, Jorda, Deret, P, Ni, Tay-ler!, Mer, Dave, The 2 jos, alannnnna!, No!, Rosay, Little Lea, Nate, Renayyyy!, Auuustin!, ABBBYYYYYYY, Mirannndahhh!, TAAAAAAAAAAASHAAAA (in darth vador voice!), DON or DANTE SMEE!, and many many many more! I`m sorry if I didn`t list your name just let me know!


 We may not be the quietest section, the well-behaved section, or the group of smarties... But we all are best friends and next year, we`re gonna miss each other very badly, but we`ll still have our memories... Nothing beats what we do... We love each other and we`ll be there for each other no matter what...Section 14 ♥